Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance is reacting to an issue as it occurs and carrying out the relevant maintenance work as soon as possible. This can refer to restoring the fabric of the building to a fully functioning condition or replacing any breakages all together. Having a reactive maintenance team is a cost effective and professional way of ensuring a rapid and effective response to maintenance issues as they arise.

Whilst reactive maintenance can be an effective service within itself, it is worth remembering that it works best when blended with other facilities management services such as a planned maintenance schedule. By employing a team to oversee both your planned and reactive maintenance you will be secure in the knowledge that your business is both well maintained and in safe hands should something go wrong.

Low Initial Cost

A reactive maintenance method allows you to wait until something is broken before fixing it, therefore there are little to no initial costs. This method reduces the costs you would be paying to maintain the building regularly as you’re not required to pay for anything other than materials and time spent on site. In order to be able to do this you need to have a reactive maintenance team on hand ready to fix the problem to ensure your business is back up and running as quick as possible.

Requires Less Planning

Unlike with planned maintenance, reactive maintenance is entirely unpredictable and therefore planning is not required. Reactive maintenance teams will fix a problem once it arises rather than planning ahead and anticipating the problem.

Less Staff Required

By outsourcing a reactive maintenance team, you can eliminate the need for extra internal staff who would be on your payroll and means that you would have a dedicated team on standby should you need them. Using a reactive maintenance team means less man power is needed within your business as you can be assured someone will be on hand should a problem occur.

Reduced Maintenance

Adopting a reactive maintenance approach offers quick fixes which reduces the cost of ongoing maintenance. By choosing to not have regular service checks you will have less maintenance costs and only have to spend money when necessary, however this may be more costly if the repair required is larger or replacement is needed. Planned maintenance can sometimes help to spot these larger issues before they occur.

Rapid Response

Often these issues need fixing asap, therefore the best reactive maintenance responses are quick ones. The goal of a reactive maintenance team is to react quickly and effectively. Having a team who can react to a problem immediately can prevent escalation and minimise the disruption to your business. Having someone ready and on standby to react to a maintenance problem should you need them is important.

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