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Implementing a planned maintenance scheme for your business can often feel like a costly undertaking, with many businesses believing that waiting until a problem occurs will save money and time. However, planned maintenance is an important and cost-effective tool, and by employing a professional company like MSL to run and maintain your plan, you can be sure that this decision can only have a positive impact on your organisation.


And, here’s why…


Saves Money

 Whilst relying on the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may seem like a good idea on the surface, waiting for breakdowns to occur (reactive maintenance), can be a very costly way of maintaining your facility. And not only that, but breakdowns can cause your business to slow down or even stop whilst the problem is sorted; affecting your company’s profit as well as potentially creating a negative image of your business in the eyes of your customers.

So, implementing a planned maintenance scheme will help reduce your outgoing costs as unexpected and expensive breakdowns are minimised. Similarly, any issues that your maintenance checks come across will generally be a lot cheaper to fix than waiting until the equipment totally breaks down, which often can cause huge knock on effects.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that your facility is being taken care of by a comprehensive maintenance scheme means that you have peace of mind, and can continue with the day to day running of your company safe in the knowledge that everything is being done to ensure your premises run smoothly and safely.


Prevents Breakdowns

It goes without saying that as your equipment is being regularly checked for faults, any potential defects can be spotted early and repaired before they progress and turn into full blown, costly, breakdowns.


Greater Life Expectancy of Assets and Equipment

Replacing office equipment is incredibly costly, whether it’s simply a broken computer or an entire lighting system, being able to reduce the likelihood of them being completely replaced is a definite plus. By introducing a planned maintenance schedule to check your equipment, you are able to fix most problems before they become too big and the entire piece of equipment needs to be replaced, thus maximising their life expectancy and value.



And finally, time! Who wouldn’t want the gift of time, especially when it’s such a precious commodity? By employing a company to undertake your planned maintenance schedule you are giving yourself back time. Time you don’t need to be thinking about your equipment and possible breakdowns, and instead can be undertaking the important things, like meeting your customers or ensuring you are making healthy profit margins!


At MSL we offer a fully comprehensive, cost effective, planned maintenance programme, designed to maximise and retain the value of your property and extend the life cycle of your assets. We can help you minimise your property expenditure by creating a maintenance schedule to minimise breakdowns and failures. We work alongside you to compile an asset register and agree the right level of maintenance for each facility. To discuss this, or any of our other services, please call us on 0333 1234450.