With winter coming to an end and spring on the horizon, now is the perfect time for facilities to have a deep spring clean, to freshen up and get rid of any winter dirt and germs. You may think that a workplace spring clean is an unnecessary expense for your business – but you may be putting your employees and customers at risk.

Layers of dust may have made their home on desks, dirt is likely congealed in nooks and crannies and high-touch surfaces may have illness-prone germs lingering on them – these are just a few reasons as to why you should be planning a deep clean.

In this article, we will discuss why you should prioritise a thorough scrub-down of your business and how facilities management can assist with this.

  1. Cooling Systems Often Go Unused Most of Winter

Spring may seem too early to turn on the air conditioning system, however, we advise testing these systems far in advance so that they’re ready for when you require them. Once the hotter days in summer come around, a faulty air conditioning unit is the last thing your business needs. In fact, YouGov research commissioned by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) reported that nearly 70% of office staff said poor indoor air quality has an adverse impact on their productivity. With employees feeling unable to offer their best performance, this could have a knock-on effect on profit.

Given that these cooling systems often go unused for the duration of winter, they’re more prone to dust and dirt build-up. This could result in reduced efficiency, unpleasant odours, increased allergens and even the whole unit malfunctioning. To combat this, a planned maintenance program would be hugely valuable in order to ensure regular maintenance visits are carried out to check HVAC systems are functioning effectively. Clogged filters due to dust and dirt build-up in such units make the system ineffective as they can constrain airflow, causing contaminants to recirculate and build up indoors. Our SAFETouch+ package can be utilised for air purification, ensuring clean, fresh air is provided through proper ventilation for staff and customers ahead of summer.

  1. Problem Spots Require Extra Attention

Winter can take its toll on flooring, bringing inside the season’s road salt, dirt and snow, and therefore causing damage to the flooring. Therefore, it’s crucial that carpets are shampooed, and hardwood, tile and concrete floors are cleaned thoroughly ahead of spring. Working with a professional cleaning team can be the most convenient and efficient approach to a deep spring clean in facilities. Plus, they can help you identify problem areas in need of additional care or repair. At MSL, our hygiene services mean that a team of professionals will see to your cleaning needs to the highest standard. For example, for industrial facilities, our Industrial Clean service will give attention to flooring – de-greasing hard floors to provide a safer working environment.

  1. Fight Germs

Facilities must have functioning toilets that are cleaned daily for hygiene purposes. Still, a deep clean each month is essential to ensure they’re performing to optimum standard. It’s inevitable that germs will build up over time, and many of these can survive on surfaces for days – even weeks. For example, Norovirus can potentially survive for weeks on a surface. If these germs are not effectively dealt with, they can not only make staff sick but customers too. Fortunately, such pathogens can be reduced through sanitisation of surfaces, floors and equipment. At MSL, our safeTOUCH+ package can assist with this. Whilst the service offers air purification, it also utilises the latest fogging technology to disinfect, sterilise and deliver anti-virus and disease prevention.

The drier weather in spring is also a suitable time to renew sealing around the sinks, toilets and windows, not only to get rid of mildew but rejuvenate the appearance too. MSL can take care of all these elements before they become bigger problems down the line – leaving you hands-free to concentrate on your duties.

  1. Winter Dirt and Streaks on Windows

In spring, we can expect to see sunnier and brighter days, and these weather conditions will bring to attention winter dirt and streaks on your windows more than the norm. As a business, you’ll want to create a good impression, and dirty windows will hinder this goal. If employees see dirty glass every time they look up, this could have a lasting impact on morale. Our team of professionals utilise advanced window cleaning systems for fast, safe and efficient cleaning, ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers alike.

  1. Keep Equipment Functioning Properly

When dirt, soil and dust accumulate on equipment, it can result in malfunctions. Indications of this include overheating, slowed or delayed performance and short circuiting of electric systems. For example, touchpads and touchscreens can become murky and stop working completely or trigger latency. As well as this, keyboard buttons can become stuck, and treadmill belts gradually become noisier. Therefore, routine cleaning is important to maintain equipment and avoid costly repairs. Our planned maintenance program can ensure exactly this, regularly checking equipment so that issues don’t escalate into bigger ones down the line.

Internally, ensure staff are not using damaging chemicals to clean equipment as some can cause deterioration such as cracking, corrosion and discoloration. In addition to this, train staff to avoid using abrasive cleaning tools such as brushes and scouring pads – they can scratch equipment surfaces.

As a business owner, you should already be making hygiene a priority by cleaning weekly and following a thorough cleaning schedule. However, if you’re not, spring is the perfect time to get started, and facilities management can assist you every step of the way. A spring clean will help realign your business objectives, injecting life into your facility so that you can feel even more proud about your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our services can get your business ready ahead of spring, get in touch with us on 0333 1234 450.