Implementing a reactive maintenance strategy means reacting quickly to issues as and when they occur, in contrast to planned maintenance which involves regular inspections to identify issues as they arise. Reactive maintenance requires fewer initial costs and less forward planning, making it an attractive method for many business owners.

The most important aspect of implementing a reactive maintenance strategy, however, is having a team on hand to react as soon as a problem occurs. The time sensitivity aspect is highly important as it is vital that maintenance issues are tended to quickly and effectively before they have time to escalate. Without a reasonable reaction time, your business could be left with costly downtime or large-scale repairs. Here we discuss some of the top reasons to employ a reactive maintenance team.

Loss of Earnings

Maintenance issues can lead to a significant loss of earnings due to business downtime. Should work need to cease whilst repairs take place, quick reactions are highly important to ensure your business is back up and running as quickly as possible.

Further Damage

The longer you leave a problem, the worse it will get. Reacting quickly to issues as they arise in your business can prevent major malfunctions further down the line, which may lead to large scale repairs or even costly replacements. Having a reactive maintenance team on hand to fix problems as soon as they occur will help to avoid further damage.

Employee Safety

A reactive maintenance team in waiting means that your business can deal with problems swiftly, and employees can get back to doing their job quickly and effectively. By not reacting to a maintenance issue as it arises, your employees could be put at risk and result in possible injuries within the workplace. It is important to ensure your business is safe for both employees and customers by reacting to problems as they arise.


A breakdown or fault in the fabric of the building can often result in your business ceasing to operate. This is especially the case when it comes to leaks. Any kind of leak from gas to water can potentially cause a shutdown, but the quicker you react the less time your business will be closed.


Your business will no doubt have a series of regulations and legislations which you must comply to in order to stay within the law. Should an issue arise in your building, it may need immediate attention to ensure your business remains compliant and safe for both employees and customers. This is especially true for issues with fire safety, electrical systems or air conditioning units.

MSL are on hand to help with a reactive maintenance team that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have a dedicated helpdesk to assist you when you require immediate help. To learn more about our reactive maintenance solutions call us on 0333 1234 450.