Employing a facilities management team may seem like an expensive option for maintaining your property, and instead some businesses choose to manage their property in house. However, this approach can often end up costing more money in the long run, as maintenance issues are dealt with incorrectly or missed altogether which can lead to further problems.

If you’re new to the world of facilities management, you may be struggling to decide whether you could benefit from employing a team to take care of it for you. To help, we’ve outlined 5 signs that your building needs facilities management.

Frequent Disruption

If disruption to services or closures in your building are common due to maintenance issues, this could be a sign that your business would benefit from working with a facilities management team. By employing a dedicated team to manage your building, you can ensure that aspects of your facility such as air conditioning units or water systems are well maintained and continue to function as normal.

An effective way to avoid unexpected downtime would be to implement a planned maintenance schedule with your facilities management team. This proactive approach will ensure that any maintenance issues are identified early, and dealt with to prevent further problems, which will reduce the likelihood of disruption to your business.



Having a well-maintained facility is essential for many different reasons, one of which is to ensure both staff and customer satisfaction. If you are experiencing a high number of complaints from customers or staff about the building, this could be a sign you need some assistance with facilities management.

Having a team to help with things such as hygiene facilities, or office refurbishments can help to keep your building in the best possible condition to avoid any complaints. This is especially important for retail businesses who have a high number of customers throughout the day; a poorly maintained building can be directly detrimental to business and therefore profits.


Rising Costs

Having to repeatedly call out independent contractors across a variety of trades to fix issues arising in your property can become very expensive and extremely time consuming. A facilities management team can not only reduce these rising costs as one company covers all requirements, but it also means you can get timely repairs and don’t need to spend time researching different contractors.


Reduced Property Value

If you are finding that the value of your property is decreasing it may be that your building is in need of a little TLC. As issues arise the decreasing aesthetic can lead to the financial value of your building reducing. Whilst you may not see this as an imminent concern, it could be detrimental if you decide to move in the future. Investing in regular care and maintenance will help to protect your facility and the investments you made in it. A facilities management team working with a planned maintenance schedule will ensure that your entire facility is regularly checked and maintained, including things such as roofing and security.


Endless To-Do List

If you find you’re constantly having to fix small issues and have no time to do your job it could be time to employ someone else to take care of your building. Small jobs can stack up which may progress into larger problems; employing a team to deal with these smaller issues as they arise means you will have more time to invest into your business.


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