When it comes to keeping your business cool there are many hints and tips out there. However, it’s hard to know which ones to believe and which are just myths. Here are a few common misconceptions that many people have about air conditioning:

MYTH: To save money you should turn your air conditioning unit off when the building isn’t occupied.

FACT: If you turn off your unit then it has to work extra hard each time you turn it back on to get to your desired temperature setting. Instead, adjust the setting during the times that your office is unoccupied. A change of just 5 or 6 degrees will allow your unit to work less hard whilst you are away, but will not cause it to overwork when you return.

MYTH: The air conditioning unit is running fine, maintenance is not needed.

FACT: Regardless of how well your unit seems to be performing, regular maintenance is essential. This will ensure that any issues that may be developing in the machine are caught early and fixed, thus eliminating any costly repairs later down the line. AC filters also need to be replaced regularly as dust and dirt will start to accumulate, blocking the airflow and meaning that your unit has to work harder, using more energy and costing more money.

MYTH: Closing air vents in unused rooms will help the other parts of the building stay cooler.

FACT: Modern air conditioning units work throughout the entire building, so blocking off vents can upset this balance and cause your unit to work even harder. Air conditioners are also dehumidifiers, so need a flow of air to come in and out the building. Blocking off the vents will cause these rooms to become more humid which can lead to other problems, such as mould.

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