Danger Contains Asbestos Image

MSL recently undertook a job to replace a store front sign.

The initial call was logged with the following request:

On arrival, the engineers began work, only to find possible Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) behind the signage that was due to be removed.

The MSL engineers who annually receive UKATA asbestos awareness training knew to call a specialist MSL Safepartner to remove part of the material to be sent and tested for Asbestos.

The asbestos specialist was on site within 4 hours of the call and had samples sent off for testing. The test came back showing Asbestos was present and we arranged for our partner to remove the asbestos before the works could be completed.


If you are interested in finding out some more information on the UKATA Asbestos training, take a look at our new e-learning facility where you will gain the essential know how about Asbestos and its risks.

Asbestos Awareness Category A Training