When it comes to your business, the last thing you really want to be thinking about is cleaning. But without a proper cleaning schedule your facility will start to look tired and dirty, which is not an impression you want to give to any visiting customer or employees.

Employing a contracted cleaning service takes the hassle out of keeping your facility clean. It guarantees your business looks professional and ensures that you can focus on everything else!

Saves Money

Employing someone in-house to carry out your facilities cleaning is a huge cost to undertake. Not only does your company have to provide all the cleaning materials and equipment but you also need to employ cleaning staff, adding to your salary, insurance and holiday pay outgoings. Whereas, a contracted cleaning service takes care of all this for you, all you need to pay is a monthly fee. The cleaning contractor provide everything, from the cleaning materials to the staff, so you don’t need to worry about any unexpected costs that may occur when a vacuum cleaner breaks down, for example.

Range of Services

When you use a contracted cleaning service you not only have a reliable cleaning team but you also have access to their expertise and range of services. So, if you have a specific problem that you want fixed or to get advice about, they will have experts in that field who are on hand to help. For example, at MSL, we also offer a huge range of other services, including hygiene services and wash room services. This includes; clinical waste removal; air freshening system installation and maintenance and feminine hygiene disposal.

Planned Maintenance

A cleaning contractor will be able to create a planned maintenance schedule to ensure that your business is kept clean, thus avoiding unexpected repairs where possible. They will create an annual schedule that takes into account larger cleaning jobs like de-greasing hardwood floors, cleaning ducts or window cleaning. These jobs may not need to be completed frequently but it is important to have them scheduled so to ensure that your building is well maintained.


With a cleaning contractor, you can be sure that your cleaning will be carried out every day, as scheduled, guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement. The contractor has a large team of professional cleaners so they will always ensure that cleaning staff are at your property promptly and with all the equipment necessary.