Car parking spot


Thurrock London


To reduce dig and remove existing damaged flagged area to the side of the compactor bays. To stone up and concrete 200mm slab so that the spare compactor bin can be positioned on it

Time Scale

1 Week


The client was relocating their operations back to Thurrock. Although MSL were involved with a number of operational requests on site from refurbishing the canteen, moving and repositioning Kee- Klamping and forming new openings through existing walls for the conveyors. It became apparent that the area for the spare compactor was past any economical repair and not fit for purpose. The client requested the area to be replaced with a 200mm concrete slab which had to be completed before they went live on Monday 22nd January 2018. Work commenced on site Monday 15th January 2018 and was completed to the client’s satisfaction ready to go live