Wellbeing refers to both physical and mental state, and in the workplace it’s important to take in to account the many things which can affect overall wellbeing. Aspects to consider are things such as having access to natural daylight and the correct working temperature; things which have direct impact on your body. It is also equally important to ensure that mental wellbeing is being cared for. Mental wellbeing can be catered for in a variety of ways such as providing adequate break areas to relax, catch up with a colleague or just have some alone time.

By supporting employee wellbeing, the office can be a happy and healthy place. There is a wealth of evidence to support theories that employee wellbeing can lead to improved productivity, job performance and staff morale. Research shows that office design and wellbeing go hand in hand and the office design can directly impact staff productivity. Here we will discuss how refurbishing your office could be key to improving office wellbeing.


A layout that is designed to maximise employee wellbeing and productivity will likely be one with options for a working environment. The days of everyone working continually at the same desk are fading and instead there are more choices; places to have informal chats, places to concentrate, dedicated relaxation zones and meeting spaces. Having choices in the workplace is a great way to encourage productivity; sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need to get a boost.


Colour can have a massive impact on mood and certain colours can even induce feelings of calmness or increase creativity. Over the years soft tones have generally been the main choice for the workplace however now times are changing, and more workspaces are choosing to embrace colour. Blues and greens are quite a popular colour for the workplace as they tend to support an atmosphere of calmness. Other colours are also making their way into the workplace such as yellows and purples as they are vibrant and fun.


Lighting plays a crucial role in workplace wellbeing. Optimising the office design to incorporate the most daylight is cost effective as it can help save electricity; but it also contributes greatly to wellbeing. Daylight is essential for health; it helps to boost productivity and plays a key role in the sleep cycle. When people are getting the right amount of daylight, they are more likely to get a good night’s sleep which in turn will boost their wellbeing. In addition to this, having significant amounts of daylight in the workplace can also help to improve mood.


Introducing nature into your office space can have a number of different benefits both in terms of health and interior design. Introducing plant life into the workplace means that there is an increase in oxygen levels and therefore an increase in concentration levels. Certain plants can have other benefits as well; plants such as lavender and jasmine have calming properties whereas other plants such as ivy can purify the air.

When refurbishing your office, you want to ensure it is in safe hands, with office refurbishment experts. To find out more about refurbishing your office contact MSL.