Carbon Monoxide

Thomas Cook will start a carbon monoxide awareness campaign following the deaths of 2 children whilst holidaying in Corfu in 2006. An inquest that was launched into their deaths ruled the tour operator Thomas Cook had not fulfilled its duty of care.

The pair died as a result of a faulty boiler in the resort of Louis Corcyra, Corfu. Since the inquest the electrician who was convicted of the deaths has been sacked from his position where he has worked since the tragic deaths almost 9 years ago.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a risk with any gas solid fuel fires.
Odourless, invisible and deadly, it is produced by a faulty appliance or if the flue is blocked.

If inhaled, it can kill within minutes. The early symptoms can be wooziness, nausea and a feeling of disorientation. These clear quickly once the affected person affected is out of the environment, so the diagnosis can be missed.

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