In short, the answer is yes! Facility management plays a huge role in reducing the possibility of infection within any facility. With an ever increasing risk of infections, the need to employ active infection control techniques is paramount. Not only should a facility use on-the-spot infection control, such as designated hand sanitiser stations, but how the building itself is maintained, used and managed plays a very important role in limiting the spread of infection.

Ventilation & Water

Proper ventilation systems are integral to preventing infection. Maintaining suitable air flow and pressure within the building ensures that airborne infections are kept out and is an area that Facility Management take incredibly seriously. FM will not only install air conditioning units but will carry out planned maintenance to ensure that breakdowns are avoided as much as possible. Similarly, FM will install and maintain water systems, paying close attention to ‘at-risk’ areas of the system that may hold stagnant water and thus lead to water-borne infections such as Legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria can occur in water between 20-45°C as well as in stagnant water, and can lead to an outbreak of Legionnaires disease.


Maintaining a clean working environment is fundamental to infection control, reducing the risk of infection spreading within the company. Facility management companies, like MSL, offer a fully comprehensive cleaning contract, that will ensure facilities are hygienic and fully sanitised on a daily basis. They will also carry out planned industrial cleans that provide a deeper clean, tackling infection inducing ‘hotspots’, such as ventilation ducts.

Waste Disposal

Facility management companies like MSL offer a comprehensive hygiene service, that includes waste disposal. Waste disposal is critical to controlling infection and keeping facilities hygienic, and should be carried out on a daily basis. Clinical waste should be collected more frequently, and disposed of properly. FM have an up-to-date knowledge of all waste disposal guidelines and will ensure regulations are adhered to, and infection controlled