For many businesses operating across a variety of industries, planned maintenance is highly important but can often be ignored or side lined, which could be a big mistake and lead to unexpected business downtime. Carrying out regular planned maintenance checks will ultimately reduce downtime, increase efficiency and ensure the risk of expensive repairs is reduced.

Whilst reactive maintenance is an inevitable component of any facility’s management strategy, ultimately planned maintenance tends to be more cost and time effective. Having a planned maintenance schedule helps your business avoid unnecessary downtime and costly repairs. Making sure everything is regularly serviced and cleaned can save you the shock of a massive bill and a potential interruption in the running of your business.

Out of Working Time Maintenance Checks

Time is money and having to unexpectedly shut your business or stop your employees working can ultimately lose your business money. Planned maintenance allows you to create a schedule which fits around you and your business needs. By introducing a planned maintenance schedule, you can ensure that any maintenance and repairs which are necessary can be arranged in advance.

This means you can choose to have your maintenance checks, repairs and essential cleaning such as seasonal gutter cleaning done around your business hours or opening times. Utilising a planned maintenance schedule means you are less likely to have to shut your business or have employee downtime; this advanced planning method will ensure business continuity.

Prevent Major Breakages

Whilst planned maintenance may seem costly at first, creating a schedule to check your facility, including things such as your air conditioning unit means that smaller issues can be fixed before they escalate to a bigger problem. Budgeting for planned maintenance can help you save your business money in the long run and avoid any surprise costs for larger issues.

Creating a schedule also means that you can plan your maintenance seasonally; for example, your air conditioning unit is best inspected in the spring as it will be coming into use over the summer months. Planned maintenance allows you to perform the tasks before they become an issue and enables advance planning.

Prevent a shutdown

Major and unexpected problems can mean that your business has to shut down whilst essential works are carried out. This in turn can lead to a decline in profits. Planned maintenance of your facility including things like inspecting the roof can reduce the possibility of a shutdown. With the introduction of a planned maintenance schedule any issues within your business are likely to be spotted before they turn into a major concern causing breakages or full shutdowns.

MSL offer a comprehensive approach to facilities management including a 24/7 helpdesk, planned and reactive maintenance that will help you run your facility safely and effectively. To discuss our maintenance programmes, call our customer service team on 0333 1234450.