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It goes without saying that over recent years, technology has become a huge part of our everyday life. From mobile phones that can order a taxi straight to your door with a simple touch of a screen, to a drone that can carry a take away, technology is everywhere.

Technology has, of course, also helped enable businesses. There is a vast range of new technologies that have driven innovation in a wide range of industries, from the obvious, such as the internet, which has helped retailers sell their produce to a wider range of customers, to more specialised technology like Virtual Reality that has allowed the gaming industry to take huge leaps in the kinds of games they can create. Another industry that has benefited greatly from this technology is facilities management. In this blog, we discuss the positive impact these technologies have had on FM.

Better and Faster Communication

Many facility management companies will use integrated solution technology to help manage all the many and various tasks that need to be undertaken in order to run a successful and safe facility. The solutions are often online, and allow clients to communicate with their facility management provider easily and, most importantly, quickly. Online integrated systems, like MSL’s inSYNC FM systems, allows clients to log jobs with ease, send photos of the issues so they can be analysed quickly and the right tradesman is sent, and track the job as it is in progress.

Safer Workplaces

The introduction of new security technologies, such as face and palm recognition, means that facilities have never been safer. This not only means that staff can feel secure, but that business owners can be safe in the knowledge that their company’s assets are well protected.

Increased Efficiency

Giving clients the ability to better log, track and manage tasks across a large workforce, via online reporting portals, whilst on the move, means that there is increased efficiency, with jobs being reported and sorted much quicker.

Building Intelligence Monitoring

The ‘Internet of Things’ may seem like an odd term, but it refers to everyday objects that are connected to the internet so they can send and collate their data. This smart technology allows facilities to have a greater understanding of their overall power usage, for example, how much gas and electricity they use, as well as helping to monitor the environment, such as the temperature or humidity. This allows businesses to analyse where adjustments or savings can be made, as well as helping to give early warning signs that an issue may be about to occur.

Regardless of your opinion of the growing technological market, it is plain to see technology has helped change the facility management landscape for the better. Using a variety of the new technologies available, facility management companies can not only help their customers have a better experience, but also ensures their staff are able to provide the best service possible.