Planned Maintenance Image

Whilst planned maintenance is an important tool for any facility, ensuring that it is done in a timely manner, with the least disruption to your staff, customers and productivity, is vital. At MSL, we ensure that any planned works are carried out with little interruption to your business by spending time getting to know your company, and creating a personalised planned maintenance schedule to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

Here are a few of the factors we take into account when putting together your maintenance schedule:


Carrying out planned maintenance during times the facilities are closed, e.g. evenings or weekends, is one of the main ways disruption can be avoided. Staff and customers are not present, meaning that any system that needs to be inspected and possibly have repairs carried out, can be addressed without any concern for how this will affect the working day.

Work Flow Management

If planned maintenance cannot be undertaken during closed hours, perhaps due to lack of access to the property, then work flow management can be looked into. In essence, this means looking at the running of the business and noting times when certain systems are not in use, or work can be concentrated in other areas. For example, if maintenance is being carried out in a warehouse, there may be certain times in the day when specific machinery is not being used, so the work can be completed on that system or in that area of the building.


Ensuring regular maintenance is carried out means that systems will be running at optimum levels, which, in turn, means that each inspection should be relatively quick as repairs will be minimal.

The Right Team

Make sure that the right tradesmen are involved in the planned maintenance being carried out. They should be highly skilled individuals with a thorough knowledge of the system they are inspecting. This will ensure that all maintenance is carried out efficiently, and quickly, leading to less downtime, and fewer major breakdowns.

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