Unfortunately, after a break in your building becomes even more vulnerable to a repeat offense. It also leads to general feelings of insecurity among employees, staff and customers. It is, therefore, important to take immediate action to secure your premises and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the building and those in it.

There are some obvious first steps to take after a break in such as informing the police, if they’ve not already been notified, and making efforts to ensure short term protection; this includes things such as boarding up broken windows and doors. Having a reactive maintenance team on hand to help you secure your business after a break in can help to take the pressure off and get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

Here we discuss some of the ways to secure your business after experiencing a break in.

Investigate Vulnerabilities

After a break in it is important to understand where the vulnerabilities in your facility lie, this is to prevent an incident occurring again in the future. For example, if the break in was through a faulty door or shutter it is important that it is rectified and any potential weaknesses secured or replaced. CCTV footage should be thoroughly reviewed in order to determine how the break in occurred and actions taken to secure any areas identified as part of the break in.

Change locks

This may seem slightly obvious but changing the locks is important after a break in for many reasons. There is the possibility that the break in occurred as the result of stolen keys or key cards; and if not, they may have acquired keys during the break in. No matter whether you think keys are missing or not, it is always worth changing the locks to ensure the security of your building.

Repair roller shutters

Roller shutters are an essential line of defence for your business, they help to ensure your facility is protected against burglary and vandalism. Intact roller shutters act as a deterrent to potential burglars and are a vital element of your facilities security. Should they have been damaged during the break in, repairing them should be a priority as they are an essential step in improving security.

How can having a reactive maintenance team help?

Employing a fully comprehensive reactive maintenance team means that you have someone at hand to deal with any facility issues quickly and effectively. The confidence in knowing you have a team available to give you immediate assistance and quickly restore the security of your facility is essential.

A reactive maintenance team can help you assess the damage and quickly and effectively restore your facility with minimum disruption to business. It is important to remember that having a planned maintenance team can help spot vulnerabilities in your security system before a break in occurs.

MSL are on hand to help with a reactive maintenance team that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our dedicated helpdesk is available to assist you when you need immediate assistance. To learn more about our reactive maintenance solutions call us on 0333 1234 450.