As your business begins to become more successful and starts to grow, you may find that in order to keep up with the growing demand, you need to hire more staff and open more facilities across multiple locations. Whilst this is without a doubt something to be celebrated, you might discover that your ability to organise and maintain your facilities properly, as well as stay on top of your planned maintenance schedule, becomes increasingly difficult and you begin to see cracks appearing.

In this blog, we will give you some top tips on how to successfully manage all your facilities, regardless of how many locations you may have.

Assign On-Site Leadership Rolls

Whilst it is essential to have someone who is in overall charge of your entire facilities management, an overseer of all tasks who can plan and assign them as and when, they may not be able to notice all the issues that arise ‘on the ground’. Giving extra responsibility in an on-site leadership role to a number of your ‘ground’ staff, who work in the location every day, can have huge benefits to the running of your facilities management. These staff members are in the perfect position to lookout for any potential facility issues that may arise, meaning that you can be alerted quickly to the problem, fixing them before they turn into bigger issues. These roles can also help your staff feel empowered and listened to, especially if they are able to offer feedback on different facility processes that they may feel do not work properly for staff and customers.

Utilise Technology

As much as it can feel like technology is taking over the world, it really is there to help us and make our lives just that little bit easier. Computerised maintenance management programs, like MSL’s inSYNC, are no exception. This cleverly designed program allows you to easily track current and planned maintenance tasks, across multiple locations, so you can have an overview of all of them easily. Similarly, they give you an overall view of all your compliance maintenance tasks, alerting you to when an inspection or check is due.


Running facilities management over multiple locations on your own can be a logistical nightmare, like juggling china plates. Taking your eye off the ball (or plate) for just one moment can mean that everything comes crashing down, maintenance in your facilities begins to suffer, which directly impacts your staff, customers, and ultimately, your profit. Hiring an external company that operates nationally means that you can hand over the management of your various facilities with peace of mind that all the various logistics will be taken care of. The facility management company will be able to undertake any services you choose across all venues, using multiple highly skilled tradespeople, and allowing you time to concentrate on other aspects of your growing business.

Planning your facilities management across multiple sites can be feel like a herculean task, filled with complex logistics, project management and diary syncing. However, with proper planning, utilisation of technology and on-site staff, your multi-site business can run smoothly and safely, allowing you time to work on expanding your empire even more!