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Summer is well and truly here, and to ensure your facility is comfortable during the warmer months it’s a good idea to undertake a number of precautions so your building is kept cool, your staff and customers happy and your business functioning.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are integral, especially as the sweltering heat hits, so a broken unit will cause many problems. Not only will the working environment be unsafe, due to high heats, but you may have to shut down your entire business whilst the problem is fixed, or the unit replaced entirely.

Therefore, prevention is the key. Investing in a planned maintenance service will ensure that your air conditioner is regularly checked and any issues dealt with promptly. This will limit the chance of your unit breaking down, especially during the summer, when its use is often increased.

Our planned maintenance service offers you a bespoke maintenance schedule that will minimise breakdowns and failures. We work alongside you to compile an asset register and agree on the right level of maintenance for each facility, leaving you able to concentrate on the important things, like running your business.

Air Filters

Regularly checking and cleaning the air filters around your facility and within your AC unit will ensure that any build-up of dust and other pollutants are removed. This will help the air to flow freely around the building, and will also ensure that your AC unit is not working overtime, trying to circulate air efficiently. An overworked AC unit not only increases the chance of breakdowns but also your facility’s energy use, which in turn will increase your bills.


Check and adjust all thermostat settings, making sure they are set at appropriate times for the summer months. Additionally, ensure all thermostats are working and reading correct temperatures so you are confident of your facility’s internal temperatures, and can adjust your air conditioning unit accordingly.

Energy Assessment

As mentioned, increased use of your AC unit can also mean increased energy bills, especially if your unit is not running optimally. So, undertaking an energy assessment of your facility will help highlight any energy deficient hotspots, so you are able to make adjustments which will, in turn, help reduce your energy use and costs.

At MSL we offer an ESOS service. We can arrange for a registered “Lead Assessor” to carry out an ESOS assessment in line with the ESOS Regulations 2014. These assessments are audits of the energy used by your building and identification of cost-effective saving measures.