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There’s no denying that whilst many of us start a business because of a genuine passion we have for our chosen industry, there will always be a part of you that also chose to take the plunge in the hopes of making some money. Therefore, it makes sense that we want our business to run with minimal outgoings to ensure that our profit line keeps increasing. However, one sure fire way to encounter problems will be when your business suffers impromptu and costly expenditures, such as unexpected emergency maintenance work.

When it comes to maintenance there are generally two approaches a business can take, reactive maintenance and planned maintenance. Most companies, however, will adopt a blended strategy of the two.

Reactive maintenance is when unexpected issues arise which need immediate repair, these can be surrounding the fabric of a building or equipment within it for example repairs to air-conditioning units to ensure normal operating conditions. Planned maintenance however, involves regular inspections of a building to minimise the chances of unexpected issues occurring. Whilst both have their place in a business, relying too much on reactive maintenance can be problematic, especially when it comes to your bottom line:


There is no denying that replacement is far costlier than repair when it comes to maintaining the fabric of a building. Not conducting regular inspections will eventually lead to more severe consequences and ones that are more likely to involve larger repairs or a complete replacements. These occurrences are likely to be very expensive.

Time Consuming

Repairs or replacements take time which can lead to long periods of downtime where work may not be able to be undertaken, thus affecting income. This can also negatively impact your workforce.

Unplanned Costs

Whilst you may have allocated a budget for unexpected breakdowns, you will be unable to predict how often or how severely things will break. Even the most generous ‘breakdown budget’ can be stretched causing you to have to pay out more money than you expected. This will, in turn, affect your annual profit margins and your ability to effectively budget.

Loss of Customers

If these issues start to occur regularly, you may begin to find that your client base dwindles. Customers do not want to put their faith in a company that constantly disappoints with un-met delivery times or closed facilities.

However, unforeseen issues with the fabric of a building can, and will, occur. Balancing these events with a planned maintenance schedule will help to give you control and ensure a stronger bottom line. At MSL, we have both planned and reactive maintenance programmes. Our reactive maintenance service offers a 24/7 help desk which will be able to send a highly skilled tradesperson to your site as quickly as possible, whilst our planned maintenance service provides you with a maintenance plan designed specifically for your business and your budget.

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