Data Centre

Contamination of a companies server room / data centre is a serious matter to look into, but identifying the causes of contamination and understanding the reasons why contamination occurs puts you in a great position.

Server rooms require a delicate balance of temperature and humidity.  Communication cables, fibre optic lines, video cables, and AC and DC power connections are constantly being added, moved, replaced or repaired above the computer room.

All these items generate dust that can clog filters in cooling fans or even worse, penetrate into the spinning disks and create havoc.  Containing dust is essential in our computer dependent world.

Air conditioning systems are often a chosen solution to air flow – although the majority of older systems contain a rubber belt drive mechanism that over time deteriorates and sends small particles of the belt into the clean environment we strive toward, it therefore to undertake a planned maintenance schedule.

David Hogg of 8Solutions explains more:

“Dead Certain”