Cleaning Products in an office

Even though we’ve finally said goodbye to the miserable winter and are tentatively enjoying the first of the years’ sun, a business’s work is never done and spring is the perfect opportunity to give your facility a bit of a clean ahead of the summer!

So, to help you dust off those winter cobwebs, here are some of our top office spring clean tips:


Desk Area

By far one of the most used spaces in any office, but equally the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning, desks are a prime place for bacteria to lurk! Give them a good once over, starting with the computer screen, using a streak free cleaning solution and microfibre cloth. Next, wipe your entire keyboard and mouse with disinfectant wipes, trying to get into every nook and cranny. For dropped crumbs in keyboards, a can of compressed air is perfect as it sprays the hard to reach flakes. Finally, give your entire desk a wipe down with disinfectant wipes, not forgetting your telephone, which can actually carry ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat!!


Office fridges can become the stuff of nightmares if they are not cleared out. People bring in lunches, forget them, only for them to be discovered months later disintegrated to mould and mush! Once you have removed all items that have gone past their sell-by-date, clean the entire fridge. If any smell lingers, you can spread baking soda across a baking sheet and place in fridge. This will absorb the smell. Once the smell disappears, throw the baking soda away.


There is nothing more unattractive than a smeared and smudged window, both for your staff and your customers. Whilst you can undertake the cleaning of the inside of the windows yourself if you wish, for outside windows hiring a company like MSL is a good idea. Not only will we ensure that the job is carried out professionally, but the safety of our team, your staff and your customers is paramount.

Industrial Clean

If you feel your office deserves a thorough, one-off deep clean, then you may want to consider MSL’s Industrial Clean service. Our team of cleaners can carry out a wide variety of industrial cleaning jobs that may get overlooked during a regular clean, such as cleaning ducts and cladding or de-greasing hard floors. Once our team have worked their magic your facility will be sparkling like new!

Regular Cleaning

Whilst spring cleaning is a must for any office, you also want to make sure that your facility is clean and hygienic all year round. Amongst the many hygiene services we offer is our Commercial Clean service. We will provide you with an efficient cleaning plan, created for your specific business’s requirements. The cleaning is undertaken by our highly professional cleaning team on an agreed schedule, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your facility is being well looked after.