Construction Clothing on wooden floor

MSL carry out regular live audits of works in progress, focusing on health & safety on site and review of RAMS and appropriate use of PPE.

MSL received a job to attend one of its client sites, based on information given over the phone:

“There is a bad leak through the roof into the ladies toilets this is causing damage to the ceiling and lights – electrics are being isolated – this is single storey with flat roof – the cause of the leak is heavy rain”

Works to do: To attend site and seal the flat roof and carry out any patch repairs, also seal the girder to the sign and clean out the gutters


Audit Findings: Very Good Audit – excellent example of working at height – well equipped with full PPE, suitable and sufficient access equipment and the use of barriers and tape to create an exclusion zone to keep people at a safe distance.

Job complete within the timescale given – no further reports of leaks since.