As part of our ongoing programme to ensure that all MSL engineers are fully up to date with H&S legislation and best work practice. We hold monthly Toolbox Talks (“TBT”), where health and safety information is discussed, and van & toolbox checks are carried out – this way ensuring, for example, ladders remain safe, electrical devices are tested regularly etc…

In our March toolbox talks there was discussion on correct procedure for handling materials / wastage.

Materials and the people handling them accounts for approximately half of the cost of a traditionally constructed building or structure.

Waste of materials adds to the cost of any construction project and uses up the earth’s ever decreasing resources e.g. timber.

The following points should therefore be considered when using any resources on site:-

• Handle masonry units carefully to avoid breakages.
• Follow any instructions given by the manufacturers on stacking.
• Keep plasterboard, plaster, cement and any other materials affected by damp conditions in dry stores.
• Use materials in order of delivery, i.e. the oldest first.
• Ensure unused materials are taken elsewhere on the completion of any site so that they are not wasted.
• Reseal tins, containers and barrels after use.
• Use the right materials for the right job.
• Switch off any plant, heaters, lights and general equipment when not in use in order to save energy
• Always separate wastes into the appropriate disposal facility so that recyclable waste ends up being recycled and not sent to landfill.
• Always remember the 3 R’s: