Toolbox with Tools hanging out

As part of our ongoing programme to ensure that all MSL engineers are fully up to date with H&S legislation and best work practice. We hold monthly Toolbox Talks where health and safety information is discussed, and van & toolbox checks are carried out – this way ensuring, for example, ladders remain safe, electrical devices are tested regularly.

In May’s TBT (Toolbox Talks) we had discussions around the following points:


Discussion centred around the introduction of the new MSL Project Construction Phase Plan booklet, covering:


Risk assessments that lead onto the development of safe systems of work are the basis of good health and safety management. Risk assessments must be completed for tasks that have a significant risk. You will be included in the preparation of the risk assessment and safe system of work, so before starting any task you must stop and think:

If you have any doubts or concerns after asking the questions, stop and consult your manager or supervisor.
Undertake an employee risk assessment for all activities. Where significant hazards are present, your manager or supervisor will help prepare a safe system of work for the job.
The safe system of work is a written list of operations, to be carried out in a specified sequence, in order to complete a task safely. It will also include:

Remember to consider PETE and ERIC when undertaking risk assessments.

The individual workplace and activity
P   Person E Eliminate
E   Equipment R Reduce/replace
T   Task I Isolate
E   Environment C Control

The hierarchy of controls

E   Eliminate
R   Reduce/Replace
I    Isolate
C   Control


Materials and the people handling them accounts for approximately half of the cost of a traditionally constructed building or structure.

Waste of materials adds to the cost of any construction project and uses up the earth’s ever decreasing resources e.g. timber.

The following points should therefore be considered when using any resources on site:-


MSL Engineers in the training room for Toolbox Talks.

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