Fundraising Picture

At last year’s Safepartner conference we raised over £500.00 for the charity LIGHTHOUSE CLUB and we would like to join them in their LIGHTHOUSE CLUB Fundraising day.

Lighthouse Club, who celebrate 60 years since their inception,  is a charity committed to the care and needs of all who work in the building trades that have been injured or suffered illness and are unable to work be it short  or long term.

A point worth remembering is that every year there are 2000 (40 a week!) major accidents that incapacitate the worker in such a way that they cannot return to work and the  figure of 1.7 million man days are lost through injury or illness in this industry.

The intention is to do an activity which involves us all at MSL and also to extend this to our Safepartner friends to join in and raise some money for a great charity.

A discussion is ongoing as to what we will be undertaking for our fund raising day, but with suggestions such as ‘Zorbing, Lawn Mowing and Poker Nights’ being put forward I’m sure we will have no trouble at all arranging a day of fun.

To learn more about the Lighthouse Club or to take part in your own fundraising event, please visit Lighthouse Club