Man in audience of a talk

On the 8th of September 2017, we held our biennial Safepartner conference at Oulton Hall, Leeds. It was a huge success, and we were delighted with the record number of attendees, positive engagement and fantastic feedback that we received.

For this conference, we decided to focus on Health, addressing the subject from the perspective of personal wellbeing as well as the positive impact a healthy focus has on safety in the workplace.

The day was hosted by Mark Davies of 7 Futures, who has a wealth of knowledge and 17 years of experience in consulting on workplace resilience, wellbeing and performance. Mark spent time talking to us about the importance of building personal resilience, as well as teaching relaxation methods to help focus and calm us throughout the working day and beyond.

Mark was joined by a fantastic team of other wellbeing professionals including:

Jennie Carter, a nutritionist from West Bromwich Albion FC and Wolverhampton Wanders FC, who discussed energy and sugar management, as well as giving advice on healthy meal choices.

Henry Cleminson, a UK Thai boxing champion, who also has experience of coaching at some top academies. He also spoke about how to burn fat and build muscle and got us all on our feet for a routine of exercises using fitness bands.

Nathan Douglas, a double Olympian in Triple Jump, who focused on the power of sleep to aid recovery, both mentally and physically.

Alongside the spotlight on health, the conference also covered health and safety issues, including a session on Fire Safety, given by Dave Hurley of Stallard Kane Associate.

7 Futures have created a bespoke page on their website which features the subjects covered in the conference, including useful resource links, exercise videos and a guided body scan audio. You can find it via this link here.

The MSL Safepartner scheme is a member of SSIP – Safety Schemes in Procurement Forum and demonstrates MSL’s commitment to a strong health & safety ethos.