We Are Here to Help

During these unprecedented times, MSL are here to help. We would like to ensure our valued customers remain at the forefront of our operations at this difficult time for businesses around the world. We also welcome new customers who require 24/7 maintenance support for their multi-site estates.

MSL continue to run as usual, within the government guidelines, and can be relied on to provide a wide range of services. Our services include planned, reactive and compliance maintenance, to support you and your business.

Business Operations

We continue to deliver the high quality and efficient customer service we pride ourselves for. This includes:

Reactive Maintenance Services During the COVID-19 Lockdown

As a significant number of our customers have had to close their sites we have already seen the benefit of taking the below actions with which MSL can assist. In addition, we recommend customers talk with their insurance company as to what are the property checks and actions required to ensure insurance cover remains valid whilst sites are closed. These could include:

Drain Down

We would recommend that mains supply water be isolated and any water inside boiler, toilets etc. be drained completely of water (particularly if staff will not be able to conduct regular visits and conduct a flush). This would avoid any pressure developing in the system and any failed water pipes or accessories that if gone unnoticed for a period of time could result in significant amounts of damage. Start up procedures for water systems also need to be considered.


We would recommend that all non- essential appliances be unplugged and turned off at the switch and all non- essential fuse boxes be turned to the off position only leaving essential electric equipment in operation i.e. Security and fire alarms. This would reduce the risk of electrical issues including fires arising.

Site Security

We would recommend sites with high-value stock be checked for security of windows and doors and any other possible entry point. We can also manage the transfer of stock from store to a more secure warehouse/DC.


Unfortunately, in addition, we have seen an increase in break-ins to which we can respond with services such as boarding & glazing, locksmiths, door & shutter services.

Considerations for Re-Opening Businesses Following the COVID19 Lockdown

New and Existing Customers

Whether your sites are open or closed, you can continue to rely on us. MSL is still providing its full range of maintenance services across the UK including a fast response to any break-ins.

Existing customers should continue to contact your Account Manager and 24/7 Helpdesk team as normal.

If you are a new prospective customer and would like more information on how we can help, get in touch or call our helpdesk on: 0333 1234 450.