Protecting your company from external threats is integral to maintaining a safe and secure business. These external threats are wide reaching, including; activism, terrorism, burglary & theft, fraud, vandalism, sabotage, espionage, hooliganism and violence. Facilities management companies, like MSL, provide wrap-around protection for your business, thus allowing you peace of mind knowing that your business is secure.

At MSL we offer a wide range of security solutions:

Access Control

Installing an access control system allows you to have full understanding over who enters and exits your facility. This means that you can not only protect your goods but also provides security for your employees and clients. There are a number of systems you can choose; from a single access door to a fully computerized multi-site network, and from fob access to biometrics (finger/palm print access).

MSL are able to fully install your chosen system and tailor it to your business’s needs. We are also able to integrate our hardware, software and networks with your existing or proposed systems

Manned Guards

There is nothing quite like the human touch, and at MSL we are able to offer trained and experienced sector-specific guards to protect your property.

Initially, we will undertake a threat and risk analysis of your business, which will determine the type of guard security you require.

We are also able to provide your business with emergency response support, as well as assigned contract managers who will arrange regular visits, support and ensure that you are happy with your security team.


Not only does CCTV offer a deterrent for potential intruders but it also provides evidence should an incident on your property become a legal case.

At MSL we will design, install and maintain a bespoke state of the art digital CCTV protection system based on a detailed understanding of your own business needs. Our cameras are able to pan, tilt & zoom and can even handle facial recognition.

Within your CCTV package we are also able to offer; a choice of viewing platforms, including smart phone and tablets; intelligent analytics,; tannoy connection; licence plate recognition and remote monitoring over a secure internet connection.


Whilst installing security systems is integral for your facilities security, if no-one is available to monitor your systems then they can become a useless addition to your business. MSL offer a wide range of standard and bespoke security system monitoring services to suit many business context. These include; vulnerable staff and clients monitoring, security system monitoring, remote monitoring and fire alarm monitoring.

Road and Perimeter Systems

By protecting the farthest reaches of your property you are discouraging intruders further – they will have increased deterrents to overcome before they even manage to get to your building. We can provide electronic gates and barriers, rising bollards, turnstile gates and automated road-blockers. All of these solutions can be integrated with your existing internal systems.

LED Security Lighting

Installing LED security lighting for your business offers a range of benefits including deterring intruders and providing clearer images at night for your CCTV cameras.

At MSL we can create a tailor-made lighting plan for your business. We will then supply and install our top of the range LED lighting system, providing you with a cost-effective deterrent to any intruder.