MSL Undergo CPR Training

MSL have recently held a series of CPR courses for all staff members. The decision to do so came after an incident in which our friend and colleague, Bill Bass, collapsed outside his home and was kept alive by his neighbour, a trained first aider. The doctors confirmed afterwards that without the initial CPR, Bill would not have survived.

As a result, MSL wanted to provide CPR and first response first aid training for all the staff.

Jeremy Harrison, MSL’s managing director said: ‘I regard this to be an essential life skill that one day may save a life and is consequently a very worthwhile investment by MSL.’

The CPR and first response first aid training took place in the MSL training room on Wednesday 5th July, arranged by MSL’s Health & Safety advisors and was conducted by Steve Mitchell.

Steve is a professional first aid and CPR trainer, having spent many years as a paramedic with the Ambulance service. He has also been involved with the NHS and various Heart organisations in developing “hands only” CPR techniques and defibrillator technologies.

The course aimed to not only to cover freak accidents and incidents, but also further prepare staff to respond effectively in a terrorist attack. Staff did theoretical and practical training in CPR, as well as practical training with a defibrillator, an extremely vital piece of lifesaving equipment.

The team were then taught the first response to stab wounds and associated first aid. 47 staff members undertook the training and gained valuable life skills that one day they may use to save a life.


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