MSL have extended their European reactive maintenance capability to meet the demands of its customers. MSL recently undertook its first job in Berlin, followed by works satisfactorily completed in Amsterdam and Antwerp.

MSL responded when a client store was having issues with the Air Conditioning Service.

We received the initial call at 13:55 on 26th April and were on site assessing the required action within the SLA on 27th April.

Unfortunately specialist parts had to be ordered to complete the work but MSL kept the store updated, the head of property updated and MSL re-attended with the replacement part.

Since this was the first call out for the Berlin store, MSL have been tasked with some further work at the same store.

A small hurdle MSL experienced with this particular call was the client store had no telephone communication as that system was also inoperable, thankfully with the team on the helpdesk this was not a problem and attendance was arranged promptly.