How to Make Sure Your Fire Safety is Up to Scratch

| Health & Safety

Fire Safety Image

As a business owner, you will be highly aware of the importance of protecting your property, not only keeping the building and its contents secure, but also creating an environment that your staff and clients can feel completely safe within. Whilst burglary, vandalism and fraud are all possible threats, a fire can be completely devastating, destroying […]

Technology Trends in Facilities Management

| Industry news


Facilities management ensures that every detail surrounding the comfort, functionality, safety, and efficiency of a building works harmoniously together and technology works to tie all these aspects together. Staying up to date with the latest FM technologies allows companies to progress. The Internet of Things, robot automation, and building information modelling are only a few […]

5 Tips to Making Your Property Energy Efficient

| Industry news

Energy Efficiency in homes

We all know that energy efficiency does not only help reduce your company’s energy bills, but will also reduce your business’s carbon footprint, but do we know how we can make this change? Here are 5 tips to help your property become more energy efficient. Upgrade Your Lighting System Did you know that lighting accounts […]

The Difference Between Hard and Soft Facilities Management

| Industry news


Facilities management is an essential part of any business and their operation – however, the specific facilities management services each business requires will differ depending on a number of things such as the size of the facility and the nature of the business. Whether it is remaining compliant with relevant laws and legislation or ensuring […]

What Are My Responsibilities as a Commercial Landlord?

| Industry news

Contract and Keys Being Handed over

Being a commercial property landlord means you have a duty to ensure that your building is a safe, well maintained place for people to work. Your responsibilities as a commercial landlord are different to those of a residential landlord and the responsibilities of a landlord differ property to property, landlord to landlord and tenancy agreement […]

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