Health and Safety Compliance in Hospitality

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Health and safety laws apply to all businesses, no matter how big or small. Though, in the hospitality sector, where food safety and hygiene are concerned, it becomes all the more important. Businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and cafes must enforce strict guidelines in the workplace and carry out regular health and safety checks, in […]

The Vital Role of Air Quality in Nurseries

| Health & Safety

A minimum of 9,000 deaths every year are attributed to indoor air pollution in the UK. And young children are even more sensitive to this issue in comparison to adults, as their airways are smaller and still developing. Therefore, it’s crucial that indoor environments are monitored to provide adequate ventilation. In 2019, a study concluded […]

6 Reasons Why Commercial Cleaning is Essential in Summer

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With summer well and truly here, cleaning commercial buildings is more crucial than ever. Most bacteria thrive in warm and damp conditions, meaning that hot, humid weather can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria. Therefore, summer cleaning is essential to limit this bacteria growth, and to manage pest control which is also a common […]

How Green Schools Enhance Children’s Performance

| Industry news

Sustainability is a dominant and important topic across the world. When looking at industries that can be designed to be greener – schools are a prevalent area of focus. Not only do green schools play a key role when it comes to climate control and lowering energy usage, but also in enhancing children’s performance. The […]

How Does Facilities Management Ensure Compliance in Healthcare?

| Industry news

In a healthcare setting, such as a hospital, hospice or care home, proper management of facilities is of extreme importance. With high numbers of vulnerable people in a single setting, ensuring that all processes run smoothly is vital. For this reason, all healthcare facilities must pay close attention to elements such as emergency preparation, infection […]

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