Could Facilities Management Increase the Value of Your Property?

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It is often thought that higher property value is a product of attractive building appearance or impressive amenities, but that isn’t necessarily the case. The building systems behind it all are in fact what has the greatest impact on value. Not all building owners keep well-maintained properties, and with that comes expenses which can result […]

Top Considerations for Refurbishing Your Office

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There are many reasons why an office refurbishment may be necessary, from making layout changes, to enhancing branding opportunities or even raising staff morale. Research has shown that happy employees are more productive, and as such a refurbishment can bring with it numerous benefits for both business and wellbeing. Whilst it can be a fun […]

5 Signs You Need Facilities Management

| Industry news

Employing a facilities management team may seem like an expensive option for maintaining your property, and instead some businesses choose to manage their property in house. However, this approach can often end up costing more money in the long run, as maintenance issues are dealt with incorrectly or missed altogether which can lead to further […]

Summer Maintenance Checklist

| Health & Safety

Summer and winter tend to bring about the most extremes in weather, which can have an impact on the fabric of a building. From cold weather freezing pipes to the warmer weather putting strain on air conditioning units, it is highly important to be ahead of your building maintenance to ensure safe and secure buildings. […]

10 Reasons You Need a Planned Maintenance Schedule

| Health & Safety

Maintaining a safe, clean and secure environment for employees is the responsibility of the business owner, but with many different aspects of a building to maintain it can almost seem like an unmanageable task. By implementing a proactive approach to the maintenance of your facility, you can ensure that regular checks take place, which identify […]

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