Is Climate Change Affecting Our Buildings?

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In 2014, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported that the impacts of climate change, presented a major hazard on buildings. As temperatures change, so must the way in which constructions are designed. This shift has also had a huge effect on energy efficiency within buildings. Therefore, it is no surprise that the most common complaint […]

Your Guide to Setting Up a Preventative Maintenance Plan

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There is no doubt that contracting a preventative/planned maintenance service is a smart move, so your facility is well maintained, and to the highest standard. Not only does this make a great impression on your customers, but it inhibits unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Whilst the outgoing costs of setting such a service up may […]

The Challenges Covid-19 Has Presented on Our Buildings

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It goes without saying, the pandemic has impacted how we use buildings and is likely to affect how they are designed and operated in the future. Where office life and close proximity to colleagues was once the norm, Covid-19 has emphasised the drawbacks to this. Many areas of the working environment are now being questioned, […]

Outdoor Safety Hazards & the Importance of Grounds Maintenance

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There are plenty of safety hazards for facility managers to control and mitigate the risk of, and these includes those that are outdoors. In the colder months these can be greater, with the additional risk of snow, ice and rain. From business car parks to outdoor gardens and pavements there are a number of places […]

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