As part of our ongoing programme to ensure that all MSL engineers are fully up to date with H&S legislation and best work practice. We hold monthly Toolbox Talks (“TBT”), where health and safety information is discussed, and van & toolbox checks are carried out – this way ensuring, for example, ladders remain safe, electrical devices are tested regularly etc…

In Novembers’s toolbox talks there was discussion on how to correctly report an accident / incident in the workplace:

If you are injured at work, you must report the accident to your employer as soon as you can. The report must be entered in the Accident Book. Occurrence of certain diseases or dangerous occurrences must also be recorded. See site reference documentation (Accident Reporting)

The prompt reporting of an accident or incident may well result in saving a life.

Your co-operation is therefore very important. If there is an accident / incident at your work place, help by:-

Minor accidents can lead to death, as one case of treading on a nail did. This occurred because the person suffered from diabetes and did not report it. By the time he went to hospital the problem was so serious that they had to amputate his leg. Whilst undergoing the operation he died.

Accident investigations will be held to review all accidents, major injuries and dangerous occurrences with the intention of helping to prevent similar future occurrences.