Winter Check written on windscreen

Whilst most of us want to spend December planning and preparing for Christmas, unfortunately, this festive period also brings with it the cold weather which, in turn, can cause breakdowns. Whilst having reactive processes in place should issues occur is, of course, advisable, the best way to prepare for the winter is to take preventative action in your building to ensure that it is winter-ready.

Inspect Heating and Water Systems

The freezing weather can cause pipes to become so cold that they freeze and burst. This can have a huge impact on your water and heating systems, causing them to breakdown completely, and meaning that your facility is uninhabitable until you are able to get the problem fixed. Ensuring that your systems have been checked, and any problems fixed, will help limit any issues arising when the weather starts to cool. Check that the freeze stat is set to the correct temperature and also ensure that heating turns on regularly, even if your office is shut for Christmas, as this will mean that the systems are kept working and pipes are warmed.

Energy Efficiency

Ensure that your facility is as energy efficient as possible, paying close attention to areas where hot air can escape and cold air can creep in. This will ensure that your heating systems work as efficiently as possible, your energy usage is low and your bills are kept to a minimum, even in the colder months. You may also want to look at installing extra insulation in your roof, to help keep your offices warmer. If you already have insulation, make sure that any that is damaged or missing is replaced quickly. At MSL, we can provide an ESOS assessment, which aims to identify areas of your business where energy usage can be improved and costs minimised.

Check Roof and Drains

Check your roof for any signs of damage and fix immediately. Unresolved cracks and deterioration can quickly escalate in the cold weather. Similarly, spend time cleaning out gutters and drains of any obstructions. Snow and ice can exacerbate any blockages, causing damage to your drainage systems.

To avoid the headache of organising your own winter preventative maintenance plan, utilise MSL’s planned maintenance services. We will create a bespoke maintenance schedule tailored for your facility’s specific needs, agreeing the right level of maintenance for you. Our highly skilled and professional team will then carry out all maintenance in a timely fashion, with minimal disruption to your business.