Swimming pool ladder

Leisure centres are, unfortunately, prone to harbouring and spreading germs. This is not surprising given the constant influx of people and the sweat and germs that they bring. These germs are then passed from person to person, through close contact, be it in the swimming pool, changing rooms or gym floor.

In fact, in a recent study, it was found that free weights had 362 times more germs than the average toilet seat! Stomach-turning facts like this only go to prove how important cleanliness is in leisure centre environments.

These germs need to be eliminated quickly, so it is vital that your facility is cleaned regularly and thoroughly. This may mean a cleaning team is on a rota throughout the day, rather than just once a day, as may be the case in an office environment.  MSL offer a Commercial Clean service that is specifically tailored to your facility’s needs. So, for leisure centres, that may mean that our cleaning team operate a number of shifts throughout the day. Our professional cleaning team will also have full knowledge of your specific cleaning requirements, for example, regular and thorough anti-bacterial clean of all gym equipment.

It is also important that your leisure facility provides customers and staff with appropriate hygiene equipment, such as feminine hygiene disposal units, hand dryers, and anti-bacterial gel points located in both the changing rooms and gym floor. MSL are able to advise, install and maintain suitable hygiene equipment for your leisure centre.

Ensuring your facilities equipment is maintained regularly will help not only limit the number of breakdowns but also ensure that any contamination is dealt with quickly, or avoided in the first place.  For example, Legionella Pneumophila is a bacterium that can develop from dirty water, often occurring within air-conditioning units or Jacuzzis. Once a person comes in contact with Legionella Pneumophila infected water, they will quickly develop Legionnaire’s Disease, a serious lung infection. This disease is easily prevented by thorough cleaning and maintenance of susceptible equipment. MSL offer a Planned Maintenance service, that will ensure that all your facility’s equipment is maintained regularly, and any issues fixed promptly and with minimal hassle to your leisure centre and customers.