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MSL provided a support vehicle for the Ride4AVA charity cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End, 29th August to 6th September 2014 raising money for Ava who is a very brave 2 year old fighting a rate form of Liver Cancer, hepatoblastoma.

The funds raised from the cycle challenge will go to support Children with Cancer and Alder Hey.

Hepatoblastoma is an uncommon malignant liver neoplasm occurring in infants and children and composed of tissue resembling fetal liver cells, mature liver cells, or bile duct cells. They usually present with an abdominal mass.

The disease is most commonly diagnosed during a child’s first three years of life Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) commonly is elevated, but when AFP is not elevated at diagnosis the prognosis is poor. Approximately 8 children are diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma in the United Kingdom annually.

Since being diagnosed with hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) Ava has had a central line fitted, a liver biopsy, undergone 14 rounds of intensive chemotherapy, 4 MRI and CT Scans under General Anaestetic, audiology tests, hearts scans, kidney testing, has had 8 blood transfusions, 10 platelet transfusions, 33 growth factor injections to boost her neutrophils and many many other procedures. In addition she is currently nutritionally supported with an NG tube.

Ride4Ava Charity Cycle