Since every guarding situation is different, one approach can never suit them all. And that’s where we come in. We’ll design a manned guarding solution specific to your very particular needs. We’ll protect your staff, visitors, premises and stock so that everyone will be safe and secure.


We’ll begin by taking an in-depth look at your business. Your location and your particular threats and risks. Once we’ve built up a picture of what you need, we’ll match you with a guard or guards whose training and experience moist closely meet your requirements. Their industry-specific insight is invaluable, providing not only the required skills but also a strong cultural fit and understanding of your operations.

Sector-specific security guards

We’ll design a guarding solution that is tailored to your business, industry and location.

Threat Analysis

After conducting a complete threat survey, we’ll provide a report identifying your greatest potential threats. This will provide vital information for tailoring your guarding solution.

Risk Analysis

Just as with threat analysis, we’ll survey your potential risks and deliver a report to inform your guarding solution.


Exclusive to MSL: this software-based service provides current and historic security and policing data about your area. It can take into account the risks to your organisation, and provides essential information in helping to secure your business.

Emergency Response

If you need it, we’ll also provide emergency response support. This is ideal if your threats or risks are elevated for short periods of time, but the service can also support any current guarding contract.

Dedicated, named contract care

You’ll have a named contracts manager who will look after your requirements, arrange regular visits and meetings, handle your feedback and provide operational support.