Your business may have, or plan to have, CCTV systems and a range of alarms. But is anyone watching or listening – and if they are, do they knock off at 5.30? Monitoring adds the vital final touch to your security system.

We offer a wide range of standard and bespoke security systems monitoring services to suit many business contexts – some of which may be an insurance prerequisite. We can install and/or maintain for monitoring vulnerable staff and clients; premises and facilities; software and hardware data centers and server rooms; lifts; heating, air conditioning and freezing systems; CCTV systems, fire and intruder alarms and more.

Vulnerable Worker Monitoring

We will protect lone or vulnerable workers – perhaps in hospital or social-care settings – or young or elderly clients in day or residential-care settings. We can provide the complete solution, including cameras and GPS-tracking personal alarms (which can be triggered manually or automatically in the event of a hit or fall).

Security System Monitoring

We provide 24/7/365 CCTV and intruder-alarm monitoring to the highest NSI gold standards, linked to police forces and fire services. When your alarm is activated trained professionals will follow your protocols and alert the relevant service, saving time and – potentially – your business.

Remote Monitoring

We will monitor your CCTV feed, if requested, using a secure internet connection, ensuring greater security during out of hours. We can also remotely monitor your lifts as well as your HVAC and freezing system (even adjusting those systems remotely to protect your premises and stock).

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Why have a system that just rings a bell? Recent government statistics prove that including monitoring can reduce the risk of losing a business to fire. Prioritising fire signals for swift response, and linking them directly to command and control centres ensures that the emergency services can be dispatched without delay. It really matters: over 25% of fire-damaged businesses never recover.