Over winter many maintenance tasks often take a back seat as they may not be able to be completed due to adverse weather conditions. During the cooler months most companies will require reactive maintenance at some point due to issues caused by the wind, rain, snow and ice that need to be addressed quickly to keep the business running smoothly.

Once the weather begins to change in Spring, it can be the perfect time to begin carrying out planned maintenance tasks and business improvements to prevent any disruption to your company entering the summer months. Here we will discuss some spring cleaning tips for your business.

The Spring Deep Clean:

Deep Clean

After all those months of people dredging in dirt, water and ice through the winter may have caused your carpets and flooring to look a bit worse for wear. Getting this deep cleaned can make a huge difference to the overall look and cleanliness of your building.

Cleaning the whole building now that the winter is over is also a good idea, the cold can bring in dirt and grime and giving your building a refresher can make it feel bright and nice for your employees and customers. Now that the inside of you building is spick and span considering repainting could be beneficial. This could be just touching up skirting boards and scuff marks, or you could go for an overhaul with a new, fresher look.

Make sure to give all aspects of the facility a good clean including desks and equipment, this will help increase the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the property. You’d be surprised how much dirt these surfaces could be hiding. The desks, keyboards and computers are one of the most used places in offices but unfortunately one of the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning, so they tend to be the prime place for bacteria.

Clean the office kitchen and fridges; these can also harbour bacteria if cleaning is not maintained. Make sure to throw away any out of date food and stay on top of washing up in order to ensure bacteria is kept at bay.


Pressure washing pavement, brickwork or outdoor areas can remove some of the grime from the slush that’s left behind in the freeze/thaw cycle. Grounds maintenance in the spring is important as it’s the time more plants and flowers will bloom. Tidying up borders, planting new plants and pruning your trees or hedges can make the outside of your business have a good first impression on visitors.

Make sure to ensure doors and windows are also washed, both inside and out, as these can have a big impact on those visiting your property.

Clean Some More

Now that the sun is back out your staff, customers and you will be craving those rays and there’s nothing nice about sunlight through a streaky window. Getting your windows cleaned and making sure any holes or scratches are fixed is important. Also make sure to wash any signage you may have. It’s an often-overlooked thing but can make your brand stand out.

Despite your best efforts sometimes you may benefit from an industrial clean to ensure aspects of your property are thoroughly cleaned and maintained. For a complete and thorough one-off clean of your entire building our Industrial Clean is perfect. Our team of professional cleaners can carry out a variety of industrial cleaning jobs, which can include services such as de-greasing hard floors or cleaning ducts and cladding.

If you are interested in not just a Spring clean, but also maintaining a clean and hygienic office space through all the seasons, then our Commercial Clean service may be just the ticket. We can provide you with an efficient cleaning plan, created for your specific business’s requirements. The cleaning is undertaken by our highly professional team on an agreed schedule, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your facility is being well looked after.

The Spring Check Up:

General Wear and Tear: The winter weather has a nasty habit of getting in every crack, crevice and hole in your building. Carrying out simple repairs to these can stop bigger problems in the future.

Damp and Leaks: Check your building for standing water, leaks from cracks in the walls or ceilings, water spots or damp patches. While these things may seem small at the time taking the preventative measures can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Roof: The high winds and rain December-February can damage your roof. Repairing any broken tiles or replacing any missing ones will help avert any future leaks.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Your air conditioning wouldn’t have seen much use over the winter and may not even get much in spring, but having it serviced and cleaned will make sure your air conditioning is ready for increase in temperatures.

At MSL Property Care Services our planned maintenance packages are tailored to your businesses needs and are very cost effective, we can help with general maintenance to roller shutters and pest control as well as use our decorating expertise to help you get the most from your building. We understand that it may seem simpler to just have reactive maintenance when something goes wrong but using preventative measures you can save yourself and your business a lot of money. We also know that sometimes things go wrong unexpectedly and with access to our 24/7 helpline, we can get your business back up and running swiftly with reactive maintenance.