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Acting Chairman of SSIP (Paul Reeve) said:

“In this issue, we also introduce SSIP’s new project manager, underline the recently updated strategic aims of SSIP, take a look at how CDM 2015 affects some types of maintenance work, and highlight the rapid growth of SSIP Portal use. By making information about a supplier’s SSIP assessment, or OHSAS 18001 certification, available to all buyers through the Portal, SSIP is helping buyers to specify that their supplier can be assessed by any SSIP member scheme, rather than a specific scheme.”

Some building maintenance work may be covered by CDM 2015. As a general rule, what determines if CDM 2015 applies to maintenance work is if the work being carried out is part of wider ‘building construction work’, or it has the features of a construction project.

Some examples of what may be defined under the CDM regulations here:

As a general rule:

Take the simple example of fitting a new door handle: it’s maintenance – but if it’s taking place as part of wider “building, civil engineering or engineering construction” work, then it’s probably also covered by CDM 2015 (e.g. one of the project tasks and trades).

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