Summer and winter tend to bring about the most extremes in weather, which can have an impact on the fabric of a building. From cold weather freezing pipes to the warmer weather putting strain on air conditioning units, it is highly important to be ahead of your building maintenance to ensure safe and secure buildings.

Here we will discuss the importance of implementing a summer maintenance checklist as part of your building maintenance, and some of the key factors to be aware of in your building during the warmer months.


Perform a Walkthrough

One of the first steps in implementing a summer maintenance checklist is to perform a building walkthrough, which should be conducted by someone within facilities management who can identify any potential issues.

The colder months may have caused unknown damage to your facility which could then become a cause for concern during summer, so this step is essential. A walkthrough will help you to assess and prioritise tasks throughout your facility.


Air Conditioning

A key factor for ensuring a comfortable facility during warmer months is to keep air conditioning units well maintained. As the optimal working temperature is 22°C any increase in this may cause a decrease in staff productivity. By implementing a facilities management team, who will regularly check the units for potential maintenance issues will ensure your air conditioning units continue to function as they should.

Not only can faulty air conditioning units can bring about a great amount of discomfort for both staff and visitors which may lead to the need for building closures, but they can also lead to an increase in energy usage and therefore an increase in costs.



It is still vital to check your roofing throughout the summer months, as heavy rains and variable weather can affect your gutters and roof integrity. Drier periods of weather give time to inspect for any damages which may have occurred and perform maintenance and repairs as necessary.


General Maintenance

Sometimes your facility might need a bit of TLC and in the summer,  it is a great time to make sure you’re keeping up to general maintenance tasks. These can sometimes be overlooked but are an important part of any planned maintenance schedule and equally important during the summer months.

This can include a number of things, from cleaning to landscaping, all of which are important for both employee and customer satisfaction, as the look and feel of a facility can have an impact on the likelihood of returning customers in retail, or productivity for offices.


Having a planned maintenance schedule is beneficial throughout summer as it ensures that you are keeping up to the maintenance tasks which are necessary to ensure your building’s integrity throughout the warmer months. MSL can help with planned maintenance to help you get the most from your building. Call us today on 0333 1234 450 for more information.