There are many reasons why an office refurbishment may be necessary, from making layout changes, to enhancing branding opportunities or even raising staff morale. Research has shown that happy employees are more productive, and as such a refurbishment can bring with it numerous benefits for both business and wellbeing.

Whilst it can be a fun and exciting time, a refurbishment also requires a great deal of consideration from growth to compliance. It is important to remember the practicalities when undertaking such a task, and here we will discuss some of the top considerations for refurbishing your office space.


Budget is one of the first things to consider when planning an office refurbishment. It is essential to liaise with your finance department to be certain you are working within budget from the very start. It is also essential to allow a small percentage of costs for any unplanned eventualities such as plumbing or electrical issues which may arise after the design stage.


Expansion is one of the most common reasons for office refurbishment and as such it is worth considering how much you plan to grow your business over the coming years in your current space. If you have plans for quick expansion it is worth allowing the space for this growth as you may otherwise find yourself having to expand your office again in a short amount of time. Planning ahead for growth projections will help to reduce costs in the long run.


It is important when undertaking an office refurbishment that you get the opinion of staff. Taking the time to understand what they like and dislike about their current workspace will give insights on the improvements they would like to see. This shows that you are interested and concerned with staff opinion, and having happy, content staff can go a long way to ensuring the success of the business.


Another important factor to consider during refurbishment is how much disruption there will be and how you will deal with it. If there is disruption to working hours, you will need to make plans according to this.

Business downtime during office refurbishment should be considered when in the planning stages, as certain tasks may be able to be completed outside of business hours, or alternatively additional office space may be needed during a larger refurbishment.


An important part of any refurbishment is to ensure you are in line with any laws and legislations which apply to your business and facility. Any change in planned design could mean your business is no longer compliant within these regulations.

Compliance issues could arise in relation to factors such as fire or gas safety. Remaining legally compliant and ensuring your facility remains as safe as possible should be of high importance and considered throughout the refurbishment. Employing a facilities management company with experience in compliance will ensure that this is adhered to throughout.

MSL can help to make your office refurbishment run as smoothly as possible, from completing work around your business hours to making sure your building remains compliant with laws and legislations. MSL can help you make your office refurbishment as easy as possible, contact us for more information.