A lot goes into owning and running a business, especially behind the scenes, and an important aspect which is often overlooked, is caring for the facility and building itself. It can be rather time consuming and daunting knowing exactly how to look after and maintain a facility; after all they are all so different. The needs of a retail facility are going to be completely different to those of an office building for example, it is therefore important to liaise with an expert to ensure your building remains well maintained and compliant.

Employing a facilities management company means that you have one less thing to worry about and you can be secure in the knowledge that your property is being well maintained. Facilities management covers an array of things from compliance checks, planned maintenance and reactive maintenance when necessary. Having a facilities management team on hand can take away the stress that comes alongside running a business; we’ve put together a list of some of the top reasons why to employ a facilities management company.

Stay Safe

Having a facilities management company can help to keep your building, customers and employees safe. Regular inspections will ensure your building remains compliant within the relevant legislations applicable to your business and that health and safety regulations are adhered to. By ensuring that the fabric of the building is well maintained you can be sure that everyone working within is kept as safe as possible.

Stay on Top of Legislations

Having a team at hand to deal with your compliance maintenance takes a massive weight off your shoulders. It is very time consuming and often overwhelming to think of all the laws and legislations that you have to keep in line with, so having a team ready to deal with everything for you is extremely useful. A facilities management company can help to ensure you are working in line with various legislations such as electrical compliance, fire safety and water safety.

Save Money

A facilities management team is a cost-effective way to maintain your building. Having a team to regularly check your facility is in working order, at a time which is least disruptive to your business, can help you to avoid things which could have direct impact on your bottom line.

Without a facilities management team on hand for planned and reactive maintenance you could face costly repairs from a variety of contractors should something go wrong, and any business downtime as a result of these repairs can be greatly detrimental to your profits.

Avoid Costly Repairs

By having a facilities management team on hand, you can ensure that your building is well maintained and any repairs are conducted in a timely manner. Implementing a planned maintenance schedule will help to ensure that all your building maintenance is up to date, which in turn helps to avoid larger repairs and allows you time to budget for them if they are necessary.

Avoid Downtime

Hand in hand with avoiding costly repairs is avoiding business downtime. When large repairs are required it can result in a loss of working time or a complete shutdown of the building which can directly impact your bottom line. When you employ a facilities management team you are in control of when maintenance work and repairs are carried out so a lot of the time you can avoid any business downtime and continue functioning as normal.

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