Tough Mudder

Join us on 6th August 2016 for one of our most challenging charity events!


As our training begins to ramp up for Tough Mudder 2016, MSL will be supporting Age UK, alongside official sponsors Help For Heroes, raising money for 2 fantastic causes.

To show your support please visit our JustGiving page – give us the motivation we need to succeed!

If you would like to donate to Age UK, please follow the link here:

Or text TMAU65 £(insert donation amount here) to 70070 (for example TMAU65 £10 would donate £10)

If you would like to donate to Help for Heroes, please follow this link here:

Or text TMHH65 £(insert donation amount here) to 70070 (for example TMHH65 £10 would donate £10)

If you need any other reason to donate – here are some of the obstacles we will be punishing ourselves with:

The Block Ness Monster

The Block Ness Monster is as epic and tricky as Nessie herself. Mudders have to push, pull, and roll their way through 60ft of slick, rotating barriers. With a little help from your friends, you can rock and roll your way through Tough Mudder’s newest obstacle taking teamwork to a whole new level.

Arctic Enema® 2.0

Is a highway to brain freeze in all the wrong places. Our favourite icy plunge has been updated to include a high speed entry slide and center wall you must duck under to escape the 10 tonnes of ice we jam into this frigid skip dive

Electroshock Therapy®

The last thing standing between you and that cold finisher’s pint is just a short, muddy sprint. It couldn’t be that bad, right? Ask your Legionnaire friends. This field of dangling wires delivers a punch at 10,000 volts. It’s our way of saying congratulations.

Mud Mile 2.0

This obstacle is a classic Tough Mudder fan favorite, with a few little tweaks to ensure no one comes out clean. We’ve dug the pits deeper, mounded them higher, and cut the angles steeper than ever before in this 2.0 remake. If you don’t start this obstacle with a team, you’ll come out with one, or maybe end up stuck for good.