Scheduled Maintenance Picture

When you own a small business, it may seem like the same ‘big business’ rules don’t apply to you. With less staff and a smaller turnover, you may struggle to find the time or money to focus on what can seem like incidental parts of business management such as maintenance.

On the surface, a planned maintenance approach can seem like a rather costly and time-consuming option, especially when compared to reactive maintenance, which focuses on responding to issues  or breakages when they occur. However, there are significant benefits to employing a planned maintenance programme within your small business. Here are just a few:

Cost Saving

Whilst planned maintenance may seem like a costly option at first, creating a schedule to regularly check your facility including things such as your air conditioning unit, means that any small issues are fixed before they become bigger problems. By putting aside money in your budget for a planned maintenance schedule, can help to save money in the long run, as you are less likely to be confronted with unexpected issues.

Business Continuity

As a small business, a huge part of your growth is reliant on happy, returning customers, and so it goes without saying that loss of customers equals loss of profit. One sure fire way to put off regular custom is frequent closures with little to no advanced warning, due to sudden breakages or maintenance issues within your facility.

Planned maintenance schedules mean that any maintenance and repairs such as seasonal gutter cleaning can be arranged in advance, around your opening times, meaning that you don’t have to close your business unexpectedly without prior warning to your customers. This transparency and advanced knowledge will help to ensure business continuity.

More Time

Once you have spent time planning your maintenance schedule, ensuring that every aspect of your facility is taken into account, you can return to concentrating on your business. A planned maintenance programme gives peace of mind, as any  issues which may arise in your facility are noticed early on before they advance into larger problems.

At MSL, we have both planned and reactive maintenance programmes, designed to help you run your facility smoothly and safely. To discuss our maintenance programmes, call our customer service team on 0333 1234450.