When running a retail business, it’s important to achieve business continuity so as not to let your customers or staff down. Without an effective maintenance strategy in place your business could succumb to unexpected maintenance downtime, which in turn could affect your bottom line.

By implementing a planned maintenance schedule, you can adopt a proactive approach to your buildings maintenance and identify any issues before they escalate into larger problems. Here we highlight some of the top reasons to implement a planned maintenance schedule for your retail business.

Avoid Closure

A huge part of any retail business is its reliance on happy and returning customers. If there is any unexpected downtime due to repairs or breakages, it will mean a loss of customers and therefore a loss of profit. Unexpected shutdowns of retail businesses can be detrimental to customer loyalty and trust; something which is integral to retail businesses. By implementing a planned maintenance schedule, you can arrange maintenance out of opening hours so as not to cause disruption.

Improved Safety

Maintaining the fabric of the building is essential in keeping your business safe for both customers and employees. Monitoring the safety of your building through planned maintenance checks reduces the risk of any harm coming to employees and customers, which is essential due to the amount of people entering the premises during the day.

Comfortable Work Environment

Keeping your employees and customers comfortable during your working hours is also essential. You should, therefore, ensure aspects of your building such as your air-conditioning units are working both effectively and efficiently.

Improved Time-Management

A key benefit of having a planned maintenance schedule is that maintenance can be planned to suit your specific business needs. For example, as retail businesses tend to be in operation each day of the week, maintenance can be scheduled either before or after opening to ensure there is no impact on opening hours and allow the business to continue to operate. Time management of employees can also be better managed as they are less likely to face any interruptions.


Having a planned maintenance schedule means that your building is kept in good working condition and therefore will help to avoid large scale, costly repairs. Minor problems, if left alone, can lead to major malfunctions which can be not only costly but also mean your business has to shut unexpectedly for longer periods of time. Regularly maintaining your roofing, for example, will help prevent major leaks which can lead to lengthy and expensive repairs.


At MSL our planned maintenance packages are tailored to your businesses needs and are cost effective, we can help with planned maintenance to help you get the most from your building. Call us today on 0333 1234 450 for more information.