Even with the utmost safety precautions and risk assessments, sometimes fires can occur. With the correct procedures in place, should a fire happen on your premises, you can help to ensure the safety of any persons within the facility. Another procedure which is also important to consider is the steps taken in the aftermath of the fire.

The priority of course will be to ensure the safety of any persons and the building, but also to get your business up and running as quickly and safely as possible. There are a few ways a maintenance team can help your property and business recover in the aftermath of a fire. Reactive maintenance teams specialise in dealing with time-sensitive issues and have experience dealing with a variety of maintenance issues across a facility.

Quick Response and Assessment

The first step to recovery after a fire is a large-scale assessment of the damage. Buildings with fire damage are often not safe to immediately re-enter so it is important the facility is thoroughly assessed. As time is of the essence it is essential to get an assessment done as soon as possible.

Having a reactive maintenance team at hand means you can get someone out immediately to begin repairs on any damage once the assessment has been completed. You may need to have the structure of the building assessed to determine whether the building is structurally sound before any clean up and restoration work can begin.


If you suffer fire damage to a business premises, employee and customer safety will be the first priority, however secondary to that is to ensure the security of the facility. Ensure that the premises are secured so unauthorised personnel cannot enter before it is safe to do so, and that the building isn’t open to potential vandalism.

Fire can also have many effects on individuals and the quicker business can be back up and running the better. It gives employees financial security which can help in the uncertain aftermath of a fire.

Fully Comprehensive Clean Up

Having a reactive maintenance team on hand to help with the aftermath of a fire means you can expect a fully comprehensive clean up from a qualified hygiene team. This is important in terms of cleanliness and safety. Fire damage can be serious and may require in depth cleaning and repairs from experts. The clean up should be done as soon as possible so any further damage can be assessed. In the immediate aftermath it could be difficult to know what needs cleaning and what is actually damaged. Once a full clean-up has been completed, refurbishment can begin.

Safety Priorities

It is important that during the clean-up phase, that the facility is decontaminated, and assessed for any damage to the structure of the building and if any toxic substances are present. It is essential all dust and smoke particles are cleaned up thoroughly and a full inspection is carried out before work can go back to normal. Professional cleaning and hygiene teams can help ensure all soot and smoke particles are cleaned.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

If anything, a fire should be a reminder that you need to ensure the maintenance of your fire alarm systems. Make sure to check there hasn’t been damage to them in the fire and have them checked by a professional. Going forward it is important to remember to routinely maintain fire safety apparatus, alarms and systems to ensure the safety of your premises and employees. It is important to consider having a planned maintenance team regularly check your fire alarm systems to ensure safety moving forward.

There are many different aspects to consider to ensure your premises is compliant within fire safety regulations. It is also important to be prepared should the worst happen and a fire occurs; a reactive maintenance team can help get your business back up running and the property back to being a safe and functioning environment.

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