With summer well and truly here, cleaning commercial buildings is more crucial than ever. Most bacteria thrive in warm and damp conditions, meaning that hot, humid weather can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria. Therefore, summer cleaning is essential to limit this bacteria growth, and to manage pest control which is also a common  issue in the summer months.

Commercial cleaning your business space can also bring a wealth of benefits. For example, it can increase customer satisfaction and employee fulfilment. Facilities management companies like MSL can assist you in this area, to make your summer clean an effortless process.

In this article, we will discuss the wealth of benefits cleaning is essential in the summer months for your business and explain how facilities management companies like MSL can support you with this.

1. High Quality Deep Clean

In the summer months, open doors and windows can lead to more dirt or dust in corporate buildings. Plus, increased tree and grass pollen in the air means that people are transmitting germs through coughing and sneezing. Therefore, a high-quality clean is necessary.

Outsourcing your commercial cleaning is a smart way to ensure your workplace continues to upkeep a high quality of hygiene since a team of professionals who have years of expertise under their belt will be handling your cleaning requirements. At MSL, we can offer you a range of useful services, from window cleaning to carpet cleaning.

With a planned maintenance programme, you can have this high-quality deep clean regularly and when necessary not just in summer. This mitigates the risk of dust and dirt building up on your premises and allows us to identify and deal with possible faults onsite before they become major hazards. At MSL, our planned maintenance programme will mean your HVAC system will also be tended to. AC filters require regular cleaning as dust and dirt can begin to build up in them. This can block the airflow, and as a result, create an uncomfortable environment in those already warm summer months for both employees and customers. Our team of experts will clean your HVAC system’s filters and coils to eliminate bacteria and ensure the environment remains pleasant for all.

2. Increased Employee Morale and Productivity

According to the Office for National Statistics, UK labour output dipped during the summer months of 2021, compared to October to December. Many factors contribute to this, including heat, air conditioning, and summertime distractions. This makes cleaning in the summertime all the more important, as a well-kept office can support increased productivity levels amongst staff. Studies have shown that constant visual reminders of clutter and disorder can drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus.

MSL’s hygiene services can ensure that your workspace remains clean, safe and productive during the summer months. To ensure that you maintain this level of cleanliness all summer long, businesses may want to consider a planned maintenance program. This will result in a payoff far greater than the initial investment, as when employee morale is consistently high, productivity is also increased.

3. Improved Customer Satisfaction

During the summer, high streets become busier, as more people flock outdoors when the sun shines. This means that there is increased strain on commercial services like retail, hospitality and leisure. Businesses must maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation to keep up with the demand and guarantee customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate a well-cared-for space that looks visibly hygienic and well organised. Therefore, if you organise for your business to be regularly cleaned over the summer, it will increase the likelihood of having repeat customers.

Customer satisfaction and industry compliance often go hand in hand. At MSL, we also offer expert compliance maintenance services, tailored to your specific industry, to make sure that you are hitting all the necessary requirements.

4. Ideal Time for Exterior Building Maintenance

When we think of summer cleaning, we usually think of sprucing up the inside of commercial buildings. However, outdoor building maintenance is also vital to make sure that your business is not only safe but looks presentable too. Summer is the ideal time to do outdoor improvements, as the weather is more favourable, and extended daylight hours increase working time.

Exterior building maintenance can include, but is not limited to, things such as servicing drains, roofing, and maintaining roller shutters. These tasks may seem small, but problems such as leaking roofs and blocked drains can lead to increased costs and even temporary business closure for repairs. To avoid this happening, essential outdoor building maintenance can be undertaken at regular times each year, as part of a planned maintenance programme.

5. Ensures a Safe Working Environment

Research has shown that since the pandemic, people value hygiene more than ever before. Summer cleaning reduces the transmission of infections like COVID-19, which eases the worries of customers and employees, and in turn reduces absences amongst staff. Regular cleaning of commercial businesses can also help to identify health and safety issues, such as poor ventilation, trip hazards, and possible pest control issues. Facilities management providers, like MSL, can identify where intervention is needed, as part of a reactive maintenance plan which handles issues that arise unexpectedly, making sure that your business is covered in any eventuality.

6. Helps to Reduce Costs

Dust and dirt can build up within a building, which can eventually cause damage to the property. Summer cleaning and maintenance will help keep everything running smoothly, diminishing the likelihood of unexpected large costs. The small cost of regular maintenance ends up costing you less in the long run, helping your business to retain profit.

Cleaning your commercial business in summer is essential to maintain employee and customer satisfaction, reduce costs and make sure that your workspace is always safe and hygienic. MSL can offer these services all year round, so your business can always look squeaky clean, not just in summer.

If you would like further advice on how MSL can help you with your summer commercial cleaning, or any other facilities management needs, call us on 0333 1234 450.