Man cleaning window

When it comes to maintenance of your business facility, your windows can often be overlooked. Whilst we concentrate on the ‘big-ticket’ electrical items like lighting or IT, we tend to just assume that regular cleaning of our facility windows will suffice. However, windows don’t just need to look spick and span and need a lot more TLC than a simple wash.


Gaps around your windows will cause air to flow in and out of your facility. This will cause problems with your heating or air conditioning, as your energy systems struggle to combat the loss, or introduction, of heat and so have to work harder, thus increasing your energy usage and bills.

Regularly check and replace any worn out rubber seals, using a spray-form of insulation or caulk to help seal the gaps.


Thorough cleaning of all parts of your windows are important, not just ensuring gleaming window panes. Make sure that you clean the window casing, as well as the surrounding wall, as this will help reduce dirt and dust build-up around the window which can lead to window jams. Employing a professional team, like MSL, to undertake your window cleaning is essential as they will be able to reach all the areas that need attention, whilst ensuring health and safety, for them, your staff and your customers, is adhered to at all times.


Wooden and metal window frames need to be repainted every 3 to 4 years to help protect them from weathering damage which can cause further issues, as well as maintain their appearance.


Regularly checking locks and opening mechanisms for issues will help reduce problems later down the line. Repair or replace any issues straight away, as well as tightening any exposed screws to make sure the mechanisms are attached securely to your windows.

Damaged Parts

Any cracks, holes or splinters should be addressed immediately, as the longer they are left the more damage will be done. Rotting frames can be fixed fairly easily if caught early on, by using a screwdriver to clean out the bad wood and then filling the holes with putty. Once everything dries, simply sand down the area and repaint.

Ensuring your windows are regularly maintained is essential, so introducing a professional planned maintenance schedule is integral to make sure your windows are looked after properly. At MSL we offer a fully comprehensive planned maintenance programme where we work with you to compile an assets register and agree the right level of maintenance for your facility.