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MSL maintenance services consist of a range of reactive, planned and compliance maintenance services.

We’re there to fix things that go wrong unexpectedly and to schedule and deliver your year-round planned and compliance property maintenance.

Our reactive maintenance service has competitive, transparent rates. You can ring our helpdesk 24/7 and speak to your maintenance experienced advisor with direct access to skilled, multi-trade specialists throughout the UK and Ireland.

You can be sure of high standards, as we complete a customer satisfaction survey after each job and monitor service quality and workmanship with selective site visits.

You can also access up to date, accurate management information at all times through the MSL inSYNC FM system. It’s easy to analyse your spend by location, trade and response time.

Of course, the most cost-effective way to maintain your buildings is through a programme of planned property maintenance.

At MSL we design our planned maintenance services to eliminate problems before they can grow into emergencies. This saves you money by reducing the number of reactive call outs we have to make.

In addition, we offer a full range of compliance services including electrical, gas and fire services to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. You can check your compliance status by site or service via the secure inSYNC system and download your test certificates.

And all our planned and compliance property maintenance is designed and scheduled to meet the specific requirements of your business.