10 Reasons You Need a Planned Maintenance Schedule

| Health & Safety

Maintaining a safe, clean and secure environment for employees is the responsibility of the business owner, but with many different aspects of a building to maintain it can almost seem like an unmanageable task. By implementing a proactive approach to the maintenance of your facility, you can ensure that regular checks take place, which identify […]

How to keep your business secure after a break in

| Health & Safety

Unfortunately, after a break in your building becomes even more vulnerable to a repeat offense. It also leads to general feelings of insecurity among employees, staff and customers. It is, therefore, important to take immediate action to secure your premises and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the building and those in […]

Water System Responsibilities in Your Business

| Health & Safety

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations state that there is a statutory duty to manage and control the risk of legionella in water systems. Legionella bacteria is commonly found in water between 20 and 45°C and can cause legionnaires disease which is a potentially fatal type of pneumonia contracted by inhaling bacteria […]

Why You Should Have a Maintenance Schedule for a Retail Business

| Health & Safety

When running a retail business, it’s important to achieve business continuity so as not to let your customers or staff down. Without an effective maintenance strategy in place your business could succumb to unexpected maintenance downtime, which in turn could affect your bottom line. By implementing a planned maintenance schedule, you can adopt a proactive […]

What Is Regulatory Compliance?

| Industry news

Regulatory compliance refers to an organisation’s adherence to laws, regulations, and specifications relevant to its business. Often set by governmental agencies or governing bodies for the applicable industry, these regulations ensure that everything within a company’s facility are up to British Standards and that your business is deemed safe for you, your staff and your […]

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