The Importance of Great Project Management

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Good project management is the glue that holds a project together. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), businesses failing to appreciate the importance of project management, report an average of 50% more of their projects being unsuccessful. Failed ventures can quickly hinder your initiatives and disrupt or even prevent company growth. Project management is more than […]

Create Better Guest Experiences with Hospitality Facilities Management

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From 19th July – restrictions enforced due to the pandemic were completely lifted. As a result, it is expected capacity within the hospitality sector will of course soar. First impressions of your business matter, and it goes without saying that facilities management plays a key role in shaping the guest experience in the hospitality industry. […]

Ways to Minimise the Risks of Spreading Illness at Work

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Catching a cold in the winter months is somewhat inevitable. As a business owner, hygiene services, such as office cleaning and sanitation supplies, can often be overlooked in favour of more obvious facility issues, like IT or security. However, keeping your workplace a hygienic environment is essential, not only for your staff but your customers […]

Specific Considerations for Facilities Management in the Manufacturing Sector

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As it stands, the UK is the ninth biggest manufacturer in the world, responsible for an annual output of £192 billion, as well as accounting for 2.7 million jobs. Success in manufacturing relies on combining astute risk management and operational efficiency, with innovation and automation. However, there are several challenges facing the sector. It is […]

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