Outdoor Safety Hazards & the Importance of Grounds Maintenance

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There are plenty of safety hazards for facility managers to control and mitigate the risk of, and these includes those that are outdoors. In the colder months these can be greater, with the additional risk of snow, ice and rain. From business car parks to outdoor gardens and pavements there are a number of places […]

Can facilities management impact on employee productivity?

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Good and efficient facilities management has a number of benefits, as you’re sure to know. Many of these benefits are obvious – such as improved health and safety, longevity of equipment, lower risk of shutdown and better cost effectiveness. However, beyond these are other less obvious benefits – such as employee and productivity benefits. A […]

Your Roof Maintenance Checklist

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You can never be too wary when it comes to protecting your property or business, and after experiencing some of the worst weather the UK has seen in years, it’s never been more essential to be prepared for the worst. Regularly checking your roof is essential to help prevent unnecessary repairs or replacements. In real […]

FM Considerations in Higher Education

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When people think of higher education and all the things which help keep universities running, facilities management may not be high on that list. However, there are so many aspects of facilities management which are actually crucial in the running of higher education facilities. Not only does facilities management ensure higher education buildings are in […]

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