3 Health Regulations You Need to Know About and How We Can Help

| Industry news

The world of health regulations can be a confusing one. With a vast array of rules and legislation to comply with, covering every aspect of your facility, it can be hard to keep on top of all the red tape. However, that is where we can help. Using our fully comprehensive maintenance management system, we […]

How We Can Help Reduce Your Property Expenditure

| Industry news

When it comes to helping to reduce your facility’s outgoings we really know what we are talking about. We offer a range of services that are all aimed at ensuring your business runs efficiently, safely and with as little pulling on the purse strings as possible. Our cost-saving programmes include: Energy Efficiency We provide an […]

5 Tips For Proper Window Maintenance

| Industry news

When it comes to maintenance of your business facility, your windows can often be overlooked. Whilst we concentrate on the ‘big-ticket’ electrical items like lighting or IT, we tend to just assume that regular cleaning of our facility windows will suffice. However, windows don’t just need to look spick and span and need a lot […]

Fire Safety – What You Need To Know

| Health & Safety

Understanding fire safety regulations and responsibilities in the work place can be a bit of a minefield, but the sooner you get your head around the ins and outs, the safer your premises, your staff and customers, will be.   Here is what you need to know:   Responsibility Responsibility for fire safety in a […]

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